Daniel Kajmakoski

“Not a day goes by when I don’t receive messages on my social network profiles from people asking for help. Most of these messages are from parents asking help for their children. It’s shocking how many children are in need. That makes you stop and think about life and life’s priorities. That is why I decided to use my Eurovision promo campaign to help parents and children in need. All funds allocated for my Eurovision hard copy promo materials will go to the Intensive Care Unit at the University Children’s Hospital in Skopje, Macedonia.”

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A convincing win in last year’s X Factor Adria’s 1st series secured Daniel Kajmakoski a safe place and numerous fans in the highly competitive music stardom of the region.

Daniel Kajmakoski(31) is a Macedonian-born pop & rock singer, composer, songwriter, and guitar and piano player living in Vienna, which is precisely where he will be taking Macedonia this coming May, vying in the Eurovision Song Contest with Autumn Leaves.

After a host of appearances in music talent shows across Austria, Macedonia, and Bulgaria, his breakthrough as a composer came in 2011, thanks to a huge hit (Ne se vrakjas/You Are Not Coming Back) performed by seasoned Macedonian singer Karolina Goceva (ESC 2002 and 2007).

In 2013 he auditioned for X Factor Adria and amazed both the jury and the audience with his very first performance of Daniel Merriweather’s song Red. His brilliant performances revealed a mature self-confident singer who owns the stage in a very special way. After his triumph last March, Daniel has been unstoppable.

This ambitious award-winner for best singer and most popular performer in Macedonia is currently amid demanding preparations for his first album.


Joacim Bo Persson – Songwriter

Meeting the representatives of the Symphonix group, a booking agency for pop, R&B and soul music, led Daniel to Joacim Persson, the composer of the song Autumn Leaves, and his coworkers.

Daniel was amazed by Persson’s talent for creating music and thrilled to work with him.

Joacim Bo Persson a.k.a. TWIN (born April 17, 1971) is a Swedish songwriter, producer, music publisher, entreprenour and one of the founders of Auddly. Joacim Persson has been writing and producing songs for platinum-selling artists such as John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga, Jonas Brothers, Tokio Hotel, Mary J. Blige, Willow Smith, Iyaz, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Armin Van Buren, Charice, Ashley Tisdale, Robyn and Jamiroquai.

Persson was born and raised in Örebro, Sweden. He started out as a guitarist in a local rock band called Fallen Angel. The band signed a deal to German record label Massacre records when Persson was 18, releasing their first album titled Faith Fails. At 22 Persson formed his second band, Waving Corn, and the group signed to Roadrunner Records in Holland. After the release of their album Tearsurf and 3 years of intense touring Europe, the band decided to split up. During the recording of Tearsurf, Persson met engineer Niclas Molinder at the studio Eagle One, and together they formed a new production team called TWIN.

In 2012 Persson founded Auddlytogether with Niclas Molinder, Max Martin, Ash Pournouri & Björn Ulvaeus from ABBA. Auddly is a web-based music service set to be launched in 2015.


In April 2015 Daniel, famous US R&B group MERJ (former Blackstreet), and Bulgarian singer Bobo took part in a very significant project , a charity song called “Carry the Flame”, as part of a campaign for the Holiday Heroes Foundation in Bulgaria. The purpose of the campaign- and generally of the Foundation- is to aid socially disadvantaged families.

Daniel said: ”Meeting and working with these incredibly talented musicians and Grammy winners was just amazing for me! We met for the first time in Skopje when we were filming the video for Carry the flame. During the shooting we talked about next projects, I played Autumn Leavesto them and ideas started to come up. I am overwhelmed that they agreed to perform with me at the Eurovision Song Contest!”


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